THE Guardia Civil yesterday reported that they have arrested ten people and seized 76 kilos of cocaine which was bound for Majorca from Belgium.
According to Guardia Civil drugs squad sources, the drugs were concealed inside the chassis of a vehicle from Argentina.
Apparently, the vehicle was shipped from Argentina to the Belgian port of Amberes where it was collected by a couple aged in their 50's from Palma.
They were immediately arrested by the Belgian police working in cooperation with their Spanish counterparts.
According to the drug squad, the arrest was part of a major international operation involving a number of foreign police forces which was launched back in November when an ecstasy factory was raided and closed down near Lerida on mainland Spain.

4'000 ecstasy tablets were seized as well as substances used to make the drug.
As a result of the arrests of the Majorcan couple from Palma, a series of other detentions have been made in Spain and in Holland as part of the international operation during which police have recovered drugs, cash and vehicles.