A Pentecostal Mass will be held this Sunday at Palma's Cathedral by the Bishop of Majorca, Jesus Murgui. The service will be given in several languages and representation is expected from more than ten nationalities.

The multilingual Mass will start at 12 noon and will welcome immigrant Catholic groups currently on Majorca: Nigerians, Ukranians, Peruvians and Argentinians, Bolivians, Filipinos, Chinese, Poles, Brazilians, Romanians, Guineans, Ecuadorians and Colombians, amongst others.

The Mass, explained a source at the Diocese of Majorca, is the culmination of the Easter period and symbolises the opening of the Church “to all nationalities and all languages.” The Pentecostal celebration has as its theme, said the source, “One Church, many cultures.” The readings and songs at the service will be in different languages, but above all in English and Spanish. Selected representatives from each nationality will be responsible for the prayers of the faithful and for taking part in offerings.

After the Mass is over, the Bishop will host a gathering open to all participants in the gardens of the Episcopal Palace.
Jesús Murgui, previously Bishop of Minorca conducts services in the cathedral when the Spanish royal family come to visit Majorca for their summer holidays, or for other occasions.