THE Legendary Liverpool Band China Crisis are to perform their first ever concert in Majorca on the 29th July 2010. Doors Open 7p.m.
The open air venue is Zhan at Golf Pollensa, which is situated just outside the village of Pollensa on the road to Palma.
Some things you may or may not know about China Crisis:

The Eighties hit band China Crisis recently celebrated 25 years in the music business.

They celebrated with an intimate gig at the Unity Theatre at LIPA (Paul Mcartney Auditorium)

Who said the Eighties were all bad? Merseyside band China Crisis, for instance, were largely considered one of the better musical things about that much-maligned decade, and their smooth, cerebral pop style gave them a string of British hits between 1982 and 1987.

They formed in 1979 in Kirkby on Merseyside, with a core band of vocalist/keyboardist Garry Daly and guitarist Eddie Lundon.

The band was signed to Virgin Records and recorded their debut album, Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms: Some People Think It's Fun To Entertain, which was released in December 1982. A re-release of “African & White” became China Crisis' first hit in the UK, reaching number 45 in the UK Singles Chart.

When the follow-up single, “Christian” made UK number 12 in early 1983, this brought them to national prominence.

The band toured Europe and USA and during the late eighties and performed in front of crowds as large as 80'00 in Germany, they also performed in Barcelona,Seville,Gerona and Bilbao.

Their second album Working With Fire & Steel was released in November 1983, with tracks including “Tragedy and Mystery” (released as a single six months earlier), “Hanna Hanna” and the title track, “Working With Fire & Steel”, which became a hit single in Australia. The album was a Top 20 success in the UK, and China Crisis spent 1984 and 1985 making their biggest chart run, beginning with their only UK Top 10 hit single, “Wishful Thinking”, which peaked at number 9. Another popular UK hit single “Black Man Ray” made number 14 in the charts, which also enjoyed international success.

The follow-up, “King In A Catholic Style (Wake Up)” was a Top 20 UK single (number 19), but it would prove to be the band's last substantial hit.

China Crisis toured the UK during January and February 2007 as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations.