London.—Captains of industry, the small business sector and the hoteliers yesterday welcomed the PP's resounding victory in the local and regional elections.

The President of the Balearic Confederation of Business Associations, Josep Oliver, congratulated the PP and expressed his confidence that the party will introduce the measures promised in its manifesto to revive and reactivate the local economy, strengthen the business sector's position and create jobs.

Oliver also said that he hopes the new President, Jose Ramon Bauza, makes the necessary cuts in administrational spending and ensure that banks and building societies have the finances necessary to help troubled families, struggling small businesses and the self employed.

Oliver is also looking forward to Bauza improving the standards of education in the region because “that is vital for local businesses which wish to expand their workforce and develop into new markets,” he explained. “I hope those who had the same success at the elections, enjoy the same in government because that way their success will then benefit the public and the business sector,” he added.

The Majorcan Hotel Federation appeared as equally excited about the new regime.
Federation President, Marilen Pol, said yesterday that the hotel sector hopes that the new government will take the necessary steps to “guarantee stability in the hotel sector and provide it with a platform to grow and become more competitive which in turn will lead to the creation of more jobs.” Like Oliver, she congratulated Bauza on the PP's historic victory and said that she hopes the new administrations get to work as quickly as possible in cooperation with the tourist industry “so that we can make the very best of this year, create more jobs and move forward. They're going to have to be brave with their policies and make the industry more flexible so there's room for new projects. “With such a large majority, we must be able to reach a unanimous consensus over a long term road map which should be looking to last at least ten years,” she added.

Pol said that the political instability over the past four years has done little to help the hotel and tourist sectors and called for closer relationships between the two industries and the President.

Pol also wants to see the creation of an interdepartmental tourism commission, she considers that “fundamental” for the future of the industry.
And, the small business sector is also hoping for a change in fortune. The Small Business Association said in a statement that Bauza has managed to lift their spirits and has given them a sense of hope for the future with his new law for the self employed and small businesses.