HOTEL owners in the Playa de Palma are expecting a rise of 20 percent in the average occupation of their establishments during the months of May to October, reaching an average of 85 or 90 percent during the high season, in spite of the Football World Cup being held in Germany, which they had initially thought would be a problem, according to the President of the Association of Hotel Owners in the Playa de Palma, Francisco Marin. He went on to say that companies in the tourist accommodation sector had considered reducing prices because of the World Cup but “in the end it had no impact” and, in fact, he estimated that during May “we are already at around 80 percent” occupation. In 2005, the hotel occupation in the Playa de Palma between May and October rose to between 65 and 70 percent, according to Marin, who said that “if circumstances do not change” it could rise to 85 and even 90 percent average occupation this year. One of the effects which the World Cup has had on the Majorcan tourist market is the recovery in early bookings by the Germans, thanks to the efforts of tourist companies and their fear of not getting in.