By Tim Fanning

THE winner of the Daily Bulletin's competition to win tickets to today's John Sergeant celebrity lunch in Son Vida is coincidentally a former school mate of the BBC journalist.

George Tunnell, who lives in Calvia and worked for the British Council in Majorca in the 1980s, was three years ahead of Sergeant at the independent Millfield school in Street, close to Glastonbury in Somerset.

The school is famous for its sporting achievements and awards a number of sport scholarships. The Olympic gold medal winning swimmer, Duncan Goodhew, is a former pupil.

Both Sergeant and Tunnell belonged to the same house. Tunnell remembers Sergeant as a precocious student who wasn't afraid to mix it with the older boys. “He was highly intelligent and already academically brilliant,” Tunnell told the Bulletin yesterday. “It was obvious that he was going to go quite a long way.” Both boys coincidentally were the sons of Anglican clergymen. Sergeant's father was also a teacher in Millfield and taught Tunnell Russian.
Continuing along the same educational path, Sergeant and Tunnell both went on to Oxford.
Sergeant studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Magdalen, while Tunnell studied Law at Brasenose.