By Humphrey Carter

IT appears that not even the credit crunch can stop Britons flocking to Magalluf and this summer an estimated half a million are expected to cash in on a host of great holiday deals and head for the resort.

According to PRWeb in London “the nightclub capital of Majorca” is in big demand this year. Sources for Search Travel Online told PRWeb that cheap holidays to Magalluf are as popular as ever and that the Internet travel service is already experiencing high sales of cheap holidays to Magalluf this summer and the trend is expected to continue. Last year, over half a million people visited Magalluf and a similar number, if not more are expected this year.

Travel industry sources maintain that as people having less disposable income to spend on their holidays this year, cheaper destinations like Magalluf will only benefit from a rise in demand in the 18-30 year-old market.

What is more, with England not taking part in next month's European football championships in Austria and Switzerland, many people who would have been following England are free to go on a summer holiday.

As the Balearic Minister for Tourism Francesc Buils claimed last week, “Majorca is in Britain's genes” and if there are good offers available for Majorca, in particular Magalluf, they are going to be snapped up. Product manager for Search Travel Online, Daniel Eyre, says Magalluf has everything the 18 to 30 age group wants. “Brilliant nightlife, gorgeous sandy beaches and excellent weather as well as bargain flights and cheap accommodation. Magalluf has all the spades and they're benefits which keep the Spanish holiday resorts buzzing, even during a credit crunch.” It is clear that the British travel industry continues to be optimistic about how this summer season is going to perform here in Majorca.