THE Son Dureta National Health Hospital in Palma is celebrating its 50th anniversary and its Manager, Carles Ricci, thinks the hospital has a great future.
How do the hospital staff feel about the 50th anniversary?
We all see it as an important occasion, because in some ways the hospital has been restored. A hospital like ours, which has been the only national health hospital for many years, has always kept the emergency doors open to the public. With a lot of pressure and very little help from the central Government it has always carried on forward and responded to the needs of the population. It has had many problems with resources, investments and infrastructure, especially if you compare it to other hospitals on the mainland of the same size and with similar population sizes. Son Dureta is a very efficient hospital.
Son Dureta was one of the top hospitals in the Top 20 awards for quality.
Yes, it was one of the top winners. There is a lot of pressure on the hospital, but it has also answered the needs of the residents, and this continues, as the staff are especially involved in the hospital.
More so than in any other hospital centres where you have worked?
I have worked in the Gesma (hosptial management), Manacor hospital and in health centres in Galicia, and I think that Son Dureta is a special hospital because the staff are very hardworking and involved with what goes on. There are many staff members who have put in extra effort.
Is the 50th anniversary a good moment to recognise the work of the staff?
Yes. For this reason a debate was dedicated to staff who have worked here right from the start. It was a small homage to each one of them, and to those that have retired. In spite of all the new hospitals being built, Son Dureta still remains the one that people refer to. How does that work?
We are a very respected hospital and this is a great responsibility. It is a hospital with an important past, a good present and an excellent future.