STAFF REPORTER LOCAL police in Palma are investigating why a man ran out into the path of an oncoming taxi in the Avenidas on Friday night and is now in a serious condition in hospital.

Police sources said yesterday that the accident happened just before midnight in the stretch of the Avenidas in front o the Escola Graduada. A man had reportedly started to run in between the cars, and even jumping over the bonnets of some vehicles, but had then found himself in the path of an oncoming taxi. Although the driver was not going at excessive speed, he was unable to avoid hitting the pedestrian. The accident victim was thrown against the front windscreen of the car and then onto the road surface where he lay, apparently badly injured.

Emergency services were called and paramedics attended the victim as he lay on the tarmac. Local Police cordoned off the area so that other vehicles would not crash into the stationery taxi or even do further damage to the injured victim. Initial reports were that the man had suffered a broken leg, there were also injuries to his neck, shoulders and hip. As he was taken away in a serious condition, the taxi driver explained there was no way he could have avoided hitting the pedestrian.