By Humphrey Carter

THE Guardia Civil have launched an island-wide manhunt for the suspected rapist who violently attacked a 21-year-old woman from County Durham in the early hours of Friday morning in Magalluf.

The victim is recovering from her stab wounds and serious facial injuries in a Palma hospital where she is also being kept under 24-hour police guard.
It was learned yesterday that she is lucky to be alive after being stabbed three times. She suffered a punctured lung, her vital organs were seriously damaged and the knife narrowly missed her heart.

Yesterday she was said to be recovering and that her life was no longer in danger.
The Guardia Civil have grown to suspect over the weekend that the attacker, who lay in wait for the British woman in the block of flats where she was living, may have been responsible for a similar attack on another foreign woman just days earlier. According to sources close to the investigation, the attacker acted in a similar manner but the victim was so shocked by what happened she did not report the incident, until she apparently learned of Friday's attack which happened as the Briton was walking home from the pub in which she works.

The Guardia Civil have made catching the attacker maximum priority and have channeled a great deal of human resources into the manhunt for a man they are describing as highly dangerous.

Patrols have been stepped up at all ports of exit and it is understood that the victim tried to defend herself as best as possible and apparently managed to scratch her attacker's neck and bite his left ear.

The police do have an idea of the person they are looking for but the scratch to the neck and the bite to the ear will be two tell tale signs the security services involved in the manhunt will be looking for.