Palma.—A new survey carried out by Post Office Travel has concluded that Majorca offers the best value for British holiday makers looking for a budget self catering break.

One of the most common replies to the Bulletin holiday survey is that the island has become increasingly expensive, but so too have competing destinations, according to the results of the Port Office Travel survey which is carried out every year.

Basic items
The survey was carried out in 13 popular self catering holiday destinations, including Britain and examined the cost of 16 basic supermarket items such as tea bags, butter, milk, breakfast cereals and bottled water.

The total bill in Majorca was 44 euros 23 cents, making it the cheapest destination, just a few cents less than Portugal and three euros cheaper than the Costa Blanca.

At the other end of the table came Cyprus, where a basic week's shop of the 16 items would cost 74 euros 56 cents, and Italy, where the shopping bill will run up to 72'33 cents, according to the Post Office Travel table.

Britain came tenth in the rankings where a weekly shop of the 16 basic items will apparently cost nearly 20 euros more than here in Majorca.