Palma.—The Balearic government announced yesterday that because of the late start to summer, with last month having been the chilliest May since 1985, the annual forest fire campaign is going to be prolonged amidst forecasts that this Summer is going to be a long one after its late start.

Last year, was one of the worst for forest fires for the past two decades and this year, the Balearic government is not prepared to take any chances.
In total there were 743 forest fires last year, and the Minister for Agriculture and the Environment Biel Company and the Ministers for Public Administration, Nuria Riera, met with fire chiefs to discuss what action to take and they all concluded that prolonging the forest fire campaign until at least the end of October is a ‘sensible move'.

A team of 35 people are going to be manning the 112 forest fire emergency phones ‘round the clock' during summer and they will be in contact with all of the relevant emergency services.

Fire chiefs and the government hope that the public play its role in prevention ,reporting any suspicious behaviour to the authorities.