Palma.—The Majorcan Chamber of Commerce and the Saint Regis Mardavall hotel are teaming up to lobby support from luxury businesses in Palma.
The President of the Chamber, Juan Gual explained yesterday that there are plans afoot for the production of a brochure targeting high spending tourists and designed to give the city an international image.

Gual said that the project was originally the brainchild of the Hotel Saint Regis Mardavall but that the Chamber has given the idea its total backing. “We believe this brochure will be a fine advertisement for the whole of Majorca and not just for Palma,” Gual added.

Such a brochure he said, could be distributed at international luxury goods trade fairs, pointing out that in recent years, top notch brand names have established themselves in Palma, the majority in the Borne.

Already signed up to the scheme are famous brands Tous, Loewe, Cartier, Escada, Prada, Carolina Herrera, Valentino, Boss and other shops with an international franchise.