PROUD resident Beryl Goodwin will be tuned in to BBC One tomorrow, as her actor son Julian Bastida Goodwin has a role in an epic drama-documentary on D-Day. He plays the role of Sgt Hauser, a good German tank commander.
Julian was brought up and educated on the island and his mother said that this is his biggest role to date.
The two hour drama starts at 9pm.
It begins in January 1944 as the Allies and Germans race to prepare for the long-awaited invasion of Europe and leads on to the dramatic 24 hour story of June 6. Distinguished actor Ian Holm is the narrator, with David Lyon as General Eisenhower and Doug Rao as the photographer Robert Capa.
In addition to Julian, there is another Majorcan connection in the drama. One of the roles (played by Mathew Bose), is that of Thomas Harris.
He was an MI5 agent who was involved in a secret service plot which duped Hitler and ensured the success of the Normandy Landing. He lived in Camp de Mar and was the controller of a Spanish double agent Juan Pujol Garcia, codenamed Garbo (played by Daniel Cerqueira). It was he who persuaded the Third Reich's top commanders that the D-Day invasion was a decoy for a major assault further along the coast. Harris died in a mysterious car crash in Majorca in 1962.