THE Arta town council have stopped traffic entering different parts of the coastal roads in Colonia de Sant Pere in order to stop the degradation of the area. Huge rocks have been strategically placed on different private roads and land, which were used by 4x4*s and other cars to get near to the coast.
Four main areas have been targeted by the town council; sa Canova, s'Estanyol, Ca los Camps and es Canons, as these are the key places drivers access to get towards the coast. This news was announced yesterday by the Mayor, Rafel Gili, who was joined by the Colonia de Sant Pere representative, Jeroni Cantó and the spokesperson for the United Left-Greens party, Guillem Caldentey. As a first measure the town council have placed these rocks, but they have also announced that they will be installing road signs indicating the road closures. The Mayor said that the roads constructed in the old part of the town in es Canons “are now used by all types of vehicles to access the coast”.
It is very important to protect these areas along the coast as they have great natural value and offer beautiful views abundant with local vegetation, he added.