Joan Collins PALMA council has started a campaign entitled “We are all tourism and tourism is everybody's job”. The campaign is being run by Exceltur and the aim of it is to make residents aware of the importance of showing hospitality to visitors and the relevant role of the holiday sector in the common good. This publicity campaign, which Exceltur also ran last summer in Minorca together with the Council of Minorca, has the support of “Sa Nostra” and the Majorcan Tourism Promotion Office. The deputy mayor of the Palma Tourist department, Francisca Bennasar, explained in a press conference that the campaign will be run throughout this month and will consist of: hanging 150 pennants from street lamps in the Paseo Maritimo and the Paseo Sagrera with the slogan in both Spanish and Catalan; the distribution of 3'250 posters; radio advertisements; and the delivery of an unspecified number of leaflets. Bennasar highlighted the work done by her department in promoting tourism and underlined that their objective is that the city “should be a tourist destination, as well as the capital of Majorca”. Pere Batle, the director general of “Sa Nostra”, which is financing the awareness campaign together with the council, confirmed that “it is everybody's task to think about the key role of tourism”, and added that Sa Nostra's offices will also be supporting the campaign. The Vicepresident of Exceltur, Jose Luis Zoreda, said that the first part of the project “We are all tourism”, was started at the beginning of last summer because of complaints by tour operators, according to whom Spain has lost some of the hospitality which made it an especially attractive holiday destination.