Palma.—The protest camp in Plaza España in Palma which has been attempting to raise awareness of the plight of ordinary people to have their voices heard, is starting to decentralise its movement in favour of other suburbs of the city and outlying areas of the island. The bare essentials are to remain in Plaza España, including the kitchen for those who are part of the genuine protest and debating movement and their voluntary helpers.

The campers have already discussed the organisation of a protest march in Palma on 19th June to show solidarity with demonstrators in other Spanish cities who want to raise an outcry against the signing of the Europact in Brussels on 27th June. “We are not putty in the hands of bankers and politicians,” said a spokesman for the protest movement now christened “Democracia Real Ya.” Meanwhile, the founding member of the movement for social and economic justice, Hordur Torfason has been invited to speak in Palma. He begun his protest in Iceland after the country's banks collapsed, allegedly as a result of the policies of Conservative Prime Minister Geeir H. Haarde who is currently on trial.