Palma.—Palma Local Police officers yesterday arrested an Ecuadorian, under the suspicion of driving, while under the influence of alcohol and causing a serious accident.

According to police and emergency service sources, the accident at 6.30am yesterday morning.
The driver was proceeding along calle Rossello i Caçadors, when he apparently jumped a red light and collided with an EMAYA refuse collection truck.
The Local Police and units from the 061 emergency service were quickly on the scene and the whole episode was witnessed by an off duty member of the Local Police.

Apparently, when the police arrived, the driver had consumed so much alcohol, he could hardly stand up.
He was subsequently arrested and the truck driver taken to hospital.
Elsewhere, a driver suffered a puncture while driving along the Lluchmajor motorway yesterday, causing him to lose control of the vehicle, take out a lamp post and then collide with another vehicle. The driver was taken to hospital.