THE President of the Council of Majorca, Francina Armengol, made an appeal yesterday for cross-party consensus on priority spending given that new Central Government austerity measures will prevent the Council obtaining credit from the start of next year. “In their zeal to take steps to cut the national deficit,” said Armengol, “Madrid have given orders that we cannot take on any more debt.” She remarked that “this is fine for those who have been careless in their financial planning,” but added that it was what she described as an “uncooperative” move for those who have been rigorously careful over project management.

At the Council's General Policy debate yesterday, Armengol was speaking just one day after the opposition Partido Popular spokesman, Jaume Font, offered her a long-term pact lasting to 2020 to bring down costs by 50 to 60 million euros. The principal strategy would be to avoid duplication of work already carried out by Balearic government ministries.

Armengol was highly critical yesterday of senior government figures who following the inevitability of austerity measures, “had been all too willing” to suggest that the Administration “do away with” the Island Councils.