Palma.—Over the past few months, the Central Government delegate to the Balearics, Teresa Palmer, has been locked in talks with the National Police, the Guardia Civil and the Local Police forces in Palma and Calvia discussing the threat posed to pilots being targeted by laser devices, as they come into land at Balearic airports.

Yesterday, Palmer said that as a result of the talks, which began back in April, new restrictions are going to be introduced controlling the sale of laser devices and the illegal use of them, such as pointing them into cockpits from the ground.

Police have also been ordered to take action and respond to any complaint, filed by a pilot.
Over the past year, the number of incidents has increased significantly and lasers being directed into the cockpits on in bound planes poses a clear and present danger to the aircraft.

Palmer, said yesterday, that now the white paper has been approved, it will be extended to Minorca and Ibiza where checks on stores selling laser devices will be carried out and any outlet failing to comply with the necessary regulations will be fined and the merchandise seized.

Acting on the information provided by pilots, the control tower in Palma, has been able to generate a map of where many of the lasers are being directed from - the favourite locations for the culprits and these are areas where surveillance is going to be stepped up.

The government is also going to be inspecting lasers used in nightclubs to make sure they comply with all the necessary requisites because those used outside on terraces for example, could also pose a threat to an aircraft.