By Humphrey Carter

SONDRA Ray, known as one of the most eclectic spiritual leaders of the day and recognised throughout the world as a spiritual teacher, author, rebirther, lecturer, and healer, will be returning to Majorca this week to give a series of workshops on how to improve relationships with one's self, partners, family, children and the world around you.

Hippocratyes health educator and life style coach Beverly Pugh, who is bringing Ray back to the island for the seventh time in the past 15 years, said yesterday that what Ray is going to be offering here in Majorca is a new interesting, inspirational, educational and conscious awakening seminar.

Ray's husband will also be holding a workshop about “The Course of Miracles” which will also be about being happy with oneself.
Sondra Ray is always trying to bring about a higher consciousness. Currently she is creating a new relationship training, which is what she will be teaching in Majorca and she hopes will shift the current paradigm in relationships around the world to a more divine level. She is also taking the arena of rebirthing to a whole new level called, Sacred Renewal Breathwork and recently founded the Sacred Renewal Ministries to the Divine Mother.

Pugh explained yesterday that the ultimate aim of the seminar will be to prepare everyone for 2012 which is when the world “is going to run out of everything because of the way we are treating out planet.” Coincidentally, it is a similar warning to that issued to the Bulletin, albeit from a different perspective, by Professor Richard Fortey who this week said that unless we are able to control population growth and ease climate change, the world faces the danger of severe famine.

Ray will be holding a book signing on Wednesday evening at La Llave bookshop in Palma and the seminar is being held at the Hotel Coronado in Cala Fornells .

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