THE Palma Civic Union of Consumers and Housekeepers (UNAE) and the Beer and Health Information Centre (CICS) have started an information campaign about the benefits of moderate consumption of beer and its contribution to the Mediterranean diet. Beer is made “with natural ingredients” such as water and hops and has more that 2'000 compounds beneficial to health, they said. They added that with minerals such as potassium and a low sodium content there is high elimination of toxins from the body due to beer's diuretic effect. Beer is “an ancient drink which has always been present in the classic Mediterranean diet”, and whose consumption “can add nutrients and other healthy compounds to the normal diet”, they said. According to these sources, beer drunk in moderation “performs a protective role” against cardiovascular illnesses as it has a good many antioxidants and promotes the secretion of gastric juices. Delaying the menopause and keeping the bones in good condition are other positive effects of beer, according to a study referred to by the campaign organisers.