by Staff Reporter

IF you want a T-shirt with a difference, then keep a look out for public service company Semilla who are aiming to promote quality homegrown produce here on the Island.

The company will be distributing 300 T-shirts with an original trademark logo reading Oli de Mallorca (Olive Oil from Majorca) and will focus principally on the young to be their ambassadors. In the wider scheme of things, Semilla are part of a drive to boost the espousal of a Mediterranean diet of which cold-pressed olive oil forms a major part. With its contribution towards a healthy life-style now well documented, Semilla are highlighting the diet's ability “to nurture health and beauty”.

Katja Nüschen, the T-shirt designer, was speaking yesterday at a presentation of the campaign by the Board of “Oil of Majorca”. She emphasised the fact that the inspiration for the logo was rooted in the wellspring of the Mediterranean being its “liquid gold”, in other words its high quality olive oil as described by the Greek poet, Homer. Nüschen claimed the essence in the design of the T-shirts was elegance and comfort using simple lines. An olive green colour subtlely emblazoned with gold hallmarks the creation's affinity with naturally grown products. The use of cotton and viscose were appropriately chosen for summer wear. This is the second year running that fashion items have been produced in tandem with the promotion of Island homegrown products. Nüschen said that with more and more appreciation being given to the quality and healthiness of natural produce, fashion can act as a communication backdrop demonstrating consumer solidarity with superior trademark value.

Analysing the motif on the T-shirt for women a little more closely, one can clearly see the inspiration of Ancient Greece lying in the outline of fruits of the olive tree entwined in a headband. The T-shirts for men also use the green and burnished gold colour combinations.

The collection by Katja Nüschen and Teresa Andreu was being shown in Palma's Hotel Valparaiso where models sporting the T-shirts flaunted the “golden hues” of Majorca's olive oil.

The items will be on sale in Semilla's retail shop on Calle Eusebio Estada, 145 in Palma. The premises belong to the regional ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.