THE director of the Spanish Tourist Board, Turespaña, in Germany, Manuel Butler, yesterday warned that a deterioration in manners and “kindness” has been detected in the Spanish tourist industry.

Butler made the statement during a conference in Malaga about the state of the German holiday market and he stressed that good manners and politeness is paramount in the travel industry and said that he is disappointed that Germans appear to have noted a steady decline in hospitality for some time and warned the industry that it needs to do everything it can to turn the situation around and be nicer to holidaymakers of all nationalities.

Butler explained to the conference delegates that the problem is, and it is quite common, that when the quality of life and standards of living improve in society, people tend to be less hospitable.

Having said that, he added that when someone is happy in their work and their job, “that is transmitted to the client. “However, while that works in favour of a destination, a decline in hospitality and manners can be very damaging to a destination's image and, considering the German's love affair with Spain, the industry needs to address the problem,” he underlined. Butler added that the German market will be the same or slightly better than last year.