Palma.—Tomorrow night, Jose Ramon Bauza will officially be sworn in as the new President of the Balearics but yesterday, he appointed the six ministers which will form part of his slimline cabinet and named the former mayor of Calvia, Carlos Delgado, the Minster for Tourism and Sports, giving him one of the top political posts.

The incoming cabinet is nearly half the size of the former Socialist-led coalition's administration with seven less ministers.
There will also be 35 less departmental director generals as Bauza aims to begin by shaving nearly 27 million euros off the cost of running the Balearics.

Delgado had been tipped for the to job prior to the Partido Popular winning the elections last month and yesterday, his appointment was welcomed by the tourist industry and the business sector.

Peter Newey, the British resident who stood as a candidate for the Partido Popular on Calvia Council, said yesterday that Delgado has been awarded the post “he always wanted”. “Knowing Delgado as I do, I know that sport is very close to his heart, just look at the new football grounds, athletics tracks and the rugby complex he has had built in Calvia during his time as Mayor and he is equally passionate about tourism. “That is why three years ago, he personally took over the tourism brief because the Socialist government in Madrid was completely blanking Calvia and Delgado was getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of cooperation,” Newey said. “He has a lot of experience when it comes to tourism and I know he will be looking to bridge the gap between Palma and Madrid now he is in government and, if the Socialists still refuse to cooperate fully, he'll bide his time until the PP win the general election next year, if not before, and then he will be in a really strong position to get things moving, and tourism back on its feet. Not only in Calvia but across the Balearics, obviously,” Newey added. “He's got a good track record and will bring a lot to the table, Bauza is clearly aware of that, otherwise he wouldn't have appointed him.” And, while Delgado has had his run-ins with local bar owners in conflictive resorts such as Magalluf, a number of bar owners did credit him for having got rid of the ticket touts yesterday.

A spokesperson for the Confederation of Balearic Business Associations, described the appointment as “brave” and praised Bauza for having picked the right people for the right jobs. “People with drive, experience and proven track record,” the source said yesterday.