Palma.—Summer officially began this morning at 7.04am bringing an end to the second coldest Spring this century, the Director of the Balearic Met. Office, Maria Jose Guerrero, said yesterday.

But, never mind the past few months, what people want to know is, what is going to happen over the coming 93 days and 15 hours of Summer.
According to Guerrero, this Summer is going to be “normal”.
Extreme heat
She said that there will obviously be short periods of extreme heat, but on the whole, it should be a comfortable Summer, with temperatures around average.

She also said that rainfall will be normal, stressing that there may well be a few Summer storms during this month and July although, the heavier ones are currently forecast to hit the region during the past two weeks of August.

Typical weather
But, apart from all that, Guerrero said that she expects weather conditions to be “typical” for this time of year.
For the next couple of days, skies will continue to be cloudy, temperatures quite normal although, the beginning of next week could see temperatures drop slightly and some midday showers.

However, come the end of next week, it looks like Summer is going to kick in with clear skies and temperatures forecast to climb.
Looking back at the Spring, Guerrero said that temperatures during May had been much lower than usual, while March and April, had been slightly warmer with the rainfall as was expected.