Joan Collins ALL holiday rental homes in the Balearics have until the middle of September to comply with all the requirements for legalisation established by the local Government. These requirements were drawn up with the aim of giving all holiday rental homes a certificate of quality, which guarantees that the owners can continue to let them out legally. This decree has been a key factor in regulating this sector and avoiding tax evasion and unfair competition against the regulated tourist accommodation in the Balearics. The Association of Holiday Lettings also urged the local Government to act with the utmost speed, “as legal compliance is required”. There are some 5'000 holiday rental homes in the Balearics, of which some 1'200 are situated between Pollensa and Arta. In spite of the high number of holiday rental homes, not all of their owners will be able to continue with their businesses, because to obtain the certificate of quality they have to pass an inspection from the Tourism department and an audit. “The audit will be periodical, as this way the sector can be controlled from all points of view, besides inspections and following up all means of advertising to foreigners, such as the internet and property sector”, said sources from the Tourism department. The Balearic Minister for Tourism, Joan Flaquer, said “this law will not only regulate an activity which, until now, has been without legislation, but it will also make it easier for the sector to offer a greater number of holiday rentals”. The requirements for gaining the certificate are: the home should be family sized, detached, and not have more than four bedrooms. “These requirements are fundamental to avoid the legalisation of the sort of uncontrolled accommodation which was on offer years ago and which encouraged illegal tourism, competing unfairly with approved tourist accommodation. That is why the register was established”, said Flaquer.