Calvia.—It started off as a bit of fun to mark Queen Elizabeth´s coronation but became a hugely successful event attracting in excess of 1'500 votes from people across the island. The Bulletin and Mood beach Club asked for nomination for the Britons of the Year or people who play a key role in the local community. After weeks of voting online, through email and posting the worthy winners were Nicholas Mason and Sebastian Page Franklin who intend to sail around the island in a small sailing boat and raise money for charity. A close second was Angie Guerrero, the Calvia councillor and Bulletin columnist followed by Melind Lynam, Dr. Michael Stoma, Tony Insull, Bernard Smith, Philip Dawson and the Bulletin´s Andrew Ede. The winners received a cash prize and a trophy and all those who were nominated were presented with prizes by Margaret Whittaker of Mood and Son Amar.