STAFF REPORTER SUMMER has begun on Majorca with a general fall in temperature. Yesterday, the maximum registered on the Island was between 2 and 5 degrees below normal for the time of year.

The Balearic Met. Office reported that some notable examples were in Sa Pobla where although average temperatures would normally reach 28.9 degrees it was no hotter than 23.8; in Portopi, 26.5 degrees would be expected but the thermometer climbed no higher than 24.5. The Met. Office also said there was no significant rainfall recorded yesterday. Today, however, temperatures are going to start to climb once more by between one and two degrees. It will be even hotter, however, tomorrow when thermometers will climb by between 2 and 4 degrees.

Weather chief, Agustin Jansa said yesterday that although temperatures will indeed begin to climb over the next few days, it is not going to be excessively hot. He also said it is possible that unstable weather conditions may return to the region over the weekend.