Palma.—This Saturday night, the Balearic Symphony Orchestra takes the stage alongside Majorcan rock star Jaume Anglada for a fundraising concert in Santa Maria del Cami which has been organised by Amics de la Infancia to raise funds for children in need in Peru.

Part of a group of performances on the night that include the participation of Cap Pela, as announced by the Bulletin last week, Anglada, a 40-year-old rock star from Palma, said he is looking forward to the performance, entitled Anglada Rock Symphony, and to be able to contribute to such a good cause. “It's an honour for me to play my music in aid of the needy. “ And to do so alongside the Symphony is even better. All united and working in the same direction.
Toni Cuenca, who will conduct the orchestra with musician and composer Miguel Angel Aguilo, said that working for the first time with Anglada has been a pleasure and something surprisingly easy. “We did not know each other but two things jumped to my attention straight away. The highly professional musician he is when it's time to work and how nice it is to share the stage with him. He is very good and has a way with people, a special ‘feeling'. He is a very mature musician,” Cuenca said. “We chose all the songs together and we are all comfortable with them. But of course as the maestro and conductor of the orchestra the performance will be under my control. But when the music is in the right place and the musicians are in tune, everything flows well.” Cuenca also expressed his concern about the current problems the orchestra is facing, in particularly not having been paid last month and continuing uncertainty about their future performances due to a lack of information from the authorities.

But for now one thing is certain. Their presence in the Concert Under the Moonlight for the Peruvian children is not to be missed.