Palma.—The Balearic Minister for Tourism and former Partido Popular Mayor of Calvia, Carlos Delgado, yesterday rubbished claims that he is about to be implicated in a possible corruption case which dates back to when he was mayor.

An investigation into the alleged irregular contraction of employees and awarding of contracts through Radio Calvia has been on going for the past few months and the Guardia Civil claim thay have grounds for Delgado to be charged in the ‘Radio Calvia Case'.

According to the Guardia Civil report, Delgado authorised the expenditure of 240'000 euros and apparently approved 12 suspicious receipts.
The Guardia Civil suspect that Delgado allegedly committed forgery and abused his public position.
However, yesterday, Delgado hit back claiming that the accusations were false and that the police report was the equivalent of a joke.