Newsdesk MARIA Antonia Munar, president of the Majorcan Union (UM) party, said that she respected the decision of acting Balearic leader Jaume Matas of the Partido Popular (PP) to resign from politics, and she “wished him the very best in his personal and professional life.” She did not mention the reasons given by Matas, which included Munar's decision not to negotiate with the PP, which lost its absolute majority in the May 27 elections, to form a Balearic government.

She also said she wished the PP “the best”, because “it must not be forgotten that it is a party which, although it now forms the opposition, represents many people.” The UM was accused by PP spokesman Joan Flaquer of having closed many doors in making a pact with the left, but Munar denied this. “The UM has not closed any doors to anyone, least of all to dialogue.” She added that from whatever post she may hold, she will try to represent everyone because “they deserve being represented by people who rule for everyone. People did not vote for us to see us fight, and they are not interested in who holds what area of power.” She went on to say “What people want is for us to solve their problems, and not create new ones, a guarantee that they will have a steady job, clean streets, security and more green zones.”