THE Minister for Health and Consumer Affairs, Aina Castillo, yesterday said that the Balearic Government is going to give between 8 and 9 million euros to first aid centres during the summer season. The aim of this move is to cover the first aid demands which are registered during this time of the year, as well as to provide replacement staff for medical staff who go on holiday. Aina Castillo gave this speech at the International Day against Drugs campaign, held in Palma.
She added that these medical professionals will be distributed according to the demands registered in past years, as well as to give priority to the tourist resorts. Furthermore, the Ministry for Health and Consumer Affairs, is soon to start up a informative campaign, aimed at the risk of the heatwaves this summer.
This campaign will focus on the most sensitive groups of the population to the higher temperatures, such as children, the eldery and people with chronic illnesses. Through this campaign the Ministry will send out warning signals to advise residents about the days which are expected to be extremely hot.
This is so “people can take opportune measures” before these heatwaves hit the islands, Aina Castillo added.
The heatwave campaign will also send out precautionary messages to residents and tourists in the Balearic Islands.
In this way, the campaign will recommend people to drink lots of liquids, to not do physical exercise during the hottest hours of the day, to not stop out in the sun for long periods of time and to be careful when handling food, especially eggs.