by Staff Reporter

THE new government only recently formed in the Balearics following the regional elections of 27th May is to comprise a total of 14 different ministries.

Eight will be assigned to the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) headed by Francesc Antich, and the remaining six will be shared out between the Majorcan Union (UM) party and a left-wing coalition collectively known as the “Bloc”.

The structure of the new Administration will include no deputy leader nor “Ministry for Co-ordination” as had originally been anticipated. Instead, the responsibility for inter-governmental co-ordination will fall to the “Ministry for the President's Office” - possibly headed by Albert Moragues who will also act as regional government spokesman.

The Socialists will also take control of Ministries for Economy and Taxation; Health and Consumer Affairs (possibly led by Vicenç Thomàs); Housing, rumoured to be directed by Jaume Carbonero; the Interior; Employment and Training; Agriculture and Fisheries (which could be headed up by Garcías Simó.)
One of the sticking points during Socialist and UM negotiations with the “Bloc” was that the Ministry for Education and Culture should finally be managed by the PSOE group, although with a measured presence by the “Bloc” in matters related to Language Policies; Innovation and Teacher Training. The Institute for Balearic Studies will fall within the jurisdiction of the UM and the newly reformed Ramon Llull Institute will go to the educational control of the “Bloc”. The left-wing coalition, made up of hitherto “fringe” political groups including the Green Party and the United Left, will take the reins of Mobility and Territory Planning departments, although the Socialists will oversee matters related to Majorcan railways. The “Bloc” will also administer the Ministries for Social Services; Immigration and Co-operation; Commerce, Industry and Energy. It is still not known which individual members of the “Bloc” will take up the number one posts, although it is believed that Josefina Santiago representing the Greens/United Left party will most likely head up Social Services.

The three ministries remaining in the hands of Unió Mallorquina will be Tourism; Environment; Youth and Sports. The party is being particularly tight-lipped about who will take the top seats although the names of Miquel Angel Grimalt, Isidre Cañellas and Joan Sastre have been mooted.

Separately from the regional Balearic government, there are Island Councils representing the needs of Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera. The new Executive of the Council of Majorca is yet to be finalised although Francina Armengol, number two to Francesc Antich, confirmed that the administration will consist of between ten and eleven departments. As in the Balearic government, the PSOE, the “Bloc” and UM will share out responsibility.


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