By Humphrey Carter

PALMA City Council wants to transform Palma into a wi fi (Internet connection without cables) city so Internet users can get on line in public squares and parks across the capital.

A pilot scheme has been launched in three squares and the project has proved extremely successful so, the city council is now working on a plan to expand wi fi connection from parks and squares to all of the council's public buildings.

A large number of bars, restaurants and hotels already offer wi fi services and the council hopes that by working in association with the private sector, people will be able to get on line any where in the capital.

Palma Council sources said wi fi networks are becoming an important part of modern life and it offers people access to the Internet who may not have the service installed at home.

WORK OUTSIDE “It also gives people the chance to work on line in the open air,” the city council sources added. “People will no longer need to be home or office based,” the source said.
Palma airport and Son Dureta and Son Llatzer hospitals also offer wi fi internet access.
The Balearic Minister for Education has also unveiled an ambitious wi fi project. Come the end of this year, all colleges in the region will be covered by wi fi Internet networks.

The Ministry is investing 27 million euros in the scheme and the Eugeni Lopez college in Palma has already been selected for a pilot scheme with every classroom covered by a wi fi network
And, ministry sources have also revealed that, once all college are covered by wi fi networks, the next project is for all local schools and colleges to have a computer per four students by the end of 2011.

All classrooms are also going to be fitted with state-of-the-art digital blackboards so teachers can use the very latest technological teaching tools.