By Humphrey Carter

THE National Police yesterday issued their annual guide to help holiday makers enjoy an incident-free summer.
However, this year, one of the new items of advice is for people not to post information about their holiday on social network sites like Facebook etc.

The National Police have launched a special advice video at for anyone who can not get access to the information guides, but launching the safety and security campaign yesterday, the emphasis was very much against giving any information about where and when you are going away on the Internet.

The guide includes various tips on how to avoid having luggage and handbags stolen enroute to your destinations with the key moments to pay special care and attention to your luggage being while checking at your holiday accommodation and obviously when boarding boats or aircraft and during transfers.

And, in order to be able to relax as much as possible during your holiday, the National Police guide features a list of steps to follow to ensure maximum safety and security at home.

Balearic National Police chiefs said that doors and windows must be left firmly closed if leaving a property empty while on holiday.
They also warned against leaving a spare key any where near the property.
If away for any great length of time, the police recommend not leaving any valuable items, including car keys, bank and credit card details inside the property and try and get a neighbour to regularly collect the post.

They also advise against completely closing window blinds and, where possible, installing systems which will automatically turn lights and even radios on and off at regular intervals.

The police also suggest that taking photographs of the serial numbers of expensive domestic and household items is also a good idea in the event of a property being broken into.

And in the event of any suspicious behaviour in your neighbourhood or noises coming from houses of which the owners are known to be on holiday, contact the police immediately.

This year, there will be more police than ever involved in the summer security operation here in the Balearics.


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