The North American painter born in Oregon in 1912 captured the essence of Balearic life.
Robert Bradbury and his wife Dorothy - also an artist who died in the 1980s - journeyed to Europe after their studies were complete. At one point in this sojourn they stopped off in Ibiza and Formmentera then moved on to Majorca where they settled, first in Deya and then in Soller.

In 2007, the Council of Majorca's Culture department organized an exhibition of the works of both Robert and Dorothy in the Krekovic Museum in Palma. Organised by Catalina Fullana, Maria Antonia Frau and Pilar Serra, the exhibition widely explored the work of both artists.

Portrait of the islands
After the Bradburys came to the Balearics in the first half of the 20th century, they focused their artistic attention on the island landscape, capturing the daily lives of ordinary people.

Dorothy, at the beginning of her career, experimented in cubism and engravings on baked clay. Robert also worked on ceramics and tapestries, branching out into the field geometric shapes and colour. Robert gave up any great artistic projects he may have had after the death of his wife.