By Humphrey Carter

The investigation into the alleged missapropriation of public funds through Ibatur takes a new twist.
The fraud squad first began investigating Ibatur, the now defunct Ministry for Tourism's Institute for Tourism Promotion, in February of 2009, but yesterday, the case entered into a “fifth phase” which involved the arrest of the former Tourism Minister, Miguel Nadal again, and the investigation being opened to include activities carried out during the 2007-2011 legislature.

Prior to yesterday, the investigation focused very much on the activities inside the Ministry for Tourism during the Partido Popular-led legislature between 2003 and 2007.

A total of six more people were arrested yesterday in connection with the alleged misappropriation of public funds, much of it through local PR and marketing companies.

Public contracts
Nadal is under investigation for alleged misdemeanors carried out while he was Minister for Tourism.
Apart from the misappropriation of public funds, the fraud squad are also looking into the granting of public contracts allegedly in exchange for commission. Nadal was first arrested while still in office in the Ministry for Tourism in connection with the alleged siphoning off of public funds through Inestur, the now closed Institute for Tourism Strategy, which also came under the wing of the Ministry for Tourism.

It was the arrest of Nadal and other leading members of the Majorcan Unionist Party that provoked the party's expulsion from the Socialist-led coalition government, which was hammered at the local and regional elections last month.

The UM party, of which Nadal was also leader for a short time, has also since ceased to exist.