By Humphrey Carter

THE 46-year-old British woman whom police have been searching for since Monday was found yesterday by guests in an Arenal hotel who spotted her picture accompanying the story in yesterday's newspaper.

Renata Jane Phillips, who had travelled alone to Majorca on June 20 and was due to have flown home on the following Saturday, June 27, was last seen on Monday, June 29, when she claimed she was taking a taxi from Cala D'Or to the airport.

She had been unable to fly home as scheduled because she had been admitted to hospital feeling unwell.
However, Phillips failed to fly home and the Guardia Civil mounted a search for her and the driver of the taxi which she caught last Monday stating that she was travelling to the airport.

That was the last anyone saw or heard of her.
She last spoke to her daughter and another family member on Friday, June 26, but neither claimed their conversations were strange and they said that Phillips sounded quite normal.

However, as the days passed and she failed to return home to look after her pets, her daughter grew increasingly concerned.
She said that the two were very close and it is most unlike her mother to be out of contact for such a long time.
Yesterday, she was preparing to fly out to Majorca if a flight home for her mother can not be found quickly.
Phillips was back in a Palma hospital after the receptionist at the Arenal hotel where she had been staying since last Monday contacted the police.
Jan Dexter, the Resort Manager for the villa company with which Renata Phillips was originally staying, said yesterday that - thanks to the newspaper - Phillips had been almost immediately found but now the battle was on to fly her home as quickly as possible. “The police and the British Consulate are trying to find a quick solution but the situation is a bit complicated. Her daughter may come out if there is a flight in the meantime. “But the important thing is that Renata has been found and she's safe - all thanks to the newspaper. It was an excellent result,” Dexter added.