TEMPERATURES are going to remain high over the weekend, especially here in the Balearics, according to the met. office yesterday.
Today, the Balearics is going to remain on level one, yellow alert.
Maximum temperatures in the north, northeast and interior of Majorca are forecast to reach 36ºC while elsewhere, conditions will be slightly cooler - 35ºC.

However, on Sunday, the temperatures will drop a little bit and continuing falling gently on Monday.
Some parts of the mainland, such as Valencia, Murcia and Alicante are braced for temperatures to climb as high as 40ºC today - but they too will begin to cool down slightly as the weekend draws to a close.

This week has been the hottest of the year so far in the Balearics and the electricity company has reported a marked increase in demand as people crank up their air conditioning systems.

The Balearic emergency centre is continuing to monitor the situation, as it has been all week, and yesterday repeated its advice to people to make sure they drink plenty of water, eat light meals, wear light clothes, stay out of the sun during the peak hours and to avoid any strenuous activity.

Parents are urged to take extra care of young children and the elderly to consult their doctors if feeling faint or suffering from the heat.
The forest fire department is also on full alert with the risk of forest fire extremely high.
Hikers and campers are warned against lighting fires and those caught ignoring the ban face a heavy fine.
Any signs of a bush fire should be immediately reported to the police.