OVER 150 civil servants used yesterday's official visit to Palma by the Minister for Equality, Bibiana Aido, to protest against the government's new austerity measures which includes either freezes or reductions of civil servants' wages.

Outside the Consolat del Mar Balearic government headquarters where the Minister held talks with regional President Francesc Antich, the protesting civil servant shouted they would love to have the same wage as the Minister.

The demonstrators were also joined by key members of the main unions who have been complaining that the general strike which has been called for September 29, is far too late to have any impact on the government and its austerity package.

The Secretary for Action at the UGT General Workers Union, Manuel Pelarda, yesterday warned that the next three months are going to be “very tense” and revealed that the unions are drawing up a whole series of protests and demonstrations over the summer in the build up to the general strike. “We obviously can't afford an indefinite strike, that would cost us money and even more jobs, but we can wage war on the government and we're going to be trying to picket and disrupt all their regional and national meetings over the coming months.”