Palma.—The operation is to bemounted simultaneously in four of the five municipalities in the area (all except Buger), and is part of a plan bythe authorities to get police forces from different areas working together. A second illegal taxi control, to ensure taxi drivers are complying with the rules established by the taxi regulation authorities, has also been agreed for the month of August.

The Coordination Group of Local Police from Northern Majorca was the first to agree to this new plan last year but its South East counterpart has also agreed to follow the same procedures, with scheduled programmes for next Autumm already in place.

Pollensa, Alcudia, Muro and Santa Margalida have also agreed that this team work is the best way to fight crime, and have their own plans to join forces and tackle the main issues troubling their respective areas.

This relatively new programme was suggested by the Public Administration department,which through the Public Security Institute of the Balearics, oversees and verifies the coordination work implemented by the local police forces.

The department's main aim is to increase cooperation between local police forces even more. They all work within a certain geographical proximity, in a very similar economical and social reality and, since their aim is to improve security and reduce crime, it seemed sensible they worked together towards the same goal.

All the coordination groups have been planning the strategies throughout the year to put them into practice during the Summer, when the Balearics registers the highest level of criminality and accidents.


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