Palma.—Sansó confirmed that within the promised timeframe, 30 of 57 complaints handed in by Palma residents have been repaired or resolved.
The Express Brigade, a “hands-on, quick solution” band of municipal workers constantly on call was an election promise of the Partido Popular designed to handle uncomplicated problems reported by residents, and with a guarantee that they would be solved within a maximum space of 72 hours.

Sansó said that the Express Brigade was clear evidence that the new City Council under the Partido Popular was willing to tackle the day to day street tasks that its predecessor “clearly was not.”

The Brigade is made up of 34 technicians - either employed directly by the Council or by external maintenance companies. Split up into 15 groups, they are recognisable by their orange waistcoats emblazened with the coat of arms of the City Council. Sansó explained that the Infrastructure department covered a wide range of maintenance support facilities including the repair of street lighting, the upkeep of public parks and green areas, and superficial road repairs. Said Sansó, “our commitment is to improving some-already existing services without creating further expenditure.” In this way, he claimed, the department would be keeping within the bounds of the new Council's austerity measures. Residents can lodge complaints with the Brigade by dialling 010.


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