ALMOST half a million people, 487'144 to be exact, had some type of work contract in the Balearics at the end of June, according to figures published yesterday by the Balearic and Spanish Ministries of Work. The number of people registered with the employment office in June was 26'334. There could be more unemployed people as not all of them are registered with the Balearic Occupation Service (SOIB). The Balearic Ministry of Work said yesterday that these figures show that there are 1'392 less unemployed people than there were in June last year, which is a fall of 5.02 percent. The Balearics was the sixth autonomous region which registered the best percentage fall in interannual unemployment, behind Cantabria (8.84 percent), Asturias (7.65 percent), Navarra (7.3 percent), Madrid (6.82 percent), and Galicia (5.25 percent), and very much ahead of the national average of 0.76 percent. In the Balearics, employment increased in June as it is the start of the high tourist season.