by Staff Reporter

IN spite of it seeming just a little early, Summer Sales in the Balearics are kicking off this coming Monday, 9th July.
They will last a minimum of one week and maximum of two months, depending on the shop, and they start one week later than the rest of the country.
It's a perfect opportunity for residents and seasonal visitors alike to cash in on bargains in clothes, shoes and accessories where discounts can reach as much as 50 percent, according to Angel Pujol, general secretary of the Balearics's small and medium-sized businesses association (Pimeco).

He said yesterday that a very positive turnout is expected for the Sales period.
Traditionally the first week of traders slashing their prices is the one where the highest volume of business is taken.
Speaking at a Press conference, Pujol pointed to ready-made garments and shoes as the “star” products of the Sales, prophesying that discounts would gradually soar until all the summer stock is sold off.

With regard to the sales-goers, he said that although the “boost” to trade from the influx of summer tourists is always welcome, the chief impact of spending by Spanish nationals from the Peninsula and Island residents is even more important.

Bartomeu Servera, head of the Federation of Majorcan Businesses (Afedeco) agreed that the summer season has “picked up nicely” in terms of fashion sales after a “disappointing” spring.

Servera highlighted the fact that the retail trade sector on the Island is gathering force to such an extent that many tourists are ensuring their holiday stays coincide with the Sales period. “Today, Majorca can compete with any other country in Europe,” he asserted.
The various business association were quick to reassure the public that any goods forming part of the Sales were items which had been up for purchase throughout the whole of the summer season to date and did not include damaged garments.

Consumer associations remind shoppers that their usual rights are guaranteed.
If a shop normally accepts payment by credit card and has a sign up to that effect, it cannot refuse to do so for sales goods. Shoppers are advised to keep the sales receipt and to check the shop's policy on returns.