A 59-year-old Briton was flown home yesterday, just hours after he landed in Palma from Manchester, for behaving extremely strangely at Son San Joan airport.

According to the national Police, the Briton began handing out money and Travellers Cheques in the arrival area. Police sources said that the 59-year-old was apparently under the influence of alcohol and was not fully aware of his actions.

Airport police said that the Briton was disheveled and was carrying 50'000 euros in Travellers Cheques and 2'000 in euros in cash - all of which he was handing out to fellow passengers inside the terminal. Police quickly took care of the situation and, after having checked his identity, contacted the British Consulate in Palma.

It was also confirmed that the money was his and that he had apparently been left a sizable amount of money in a will.
The 59-year-old was eventually escorted on to a plane back to Manchester yesterday afternoon.
Last night, airport police sources said that the whole incident was quite stirring but the situation was dealt with quickly. “It was just very surprising to see and all a bit of a mystery,” said one source at Palma airport. “It's not every day somebody starts handing out thousands of euros.”