Pollensa.—The plan for the semi-pedestrianisation of the front line road in Puerto Pollensa is beginning to become a little clearer. The project, the most important scheme of the current administration at Pollensa town hall, will have a cycle lane, a single lane for traffic and a parking area, this being closest to buildings.

The town hall council is expected to approve this Friday a modification to the budget so that credit will increase by 200'000 euros and add to the initial total budget of 1.2 million euros, of which 50% will be covered by the regional tourism ministry.

The ministry will oversee the tendering, expected to be this autumn, while the town hall will assume responsibility for the design and drafting of the project by the municipal architect.

Pollensa's mayor, Tomeu Cifre, has observed that for too long Pollensa has “believed in the goose that lays the golden egg with projects such as Moneo's”. This was a reference to the project to build an auditorium and one which, so it has now become known, the town hall did not in fact initiate. Hence, the mayor has stated that experience has taught him to take control of projects and not risk ending up with nothing (as was the case with the auditorium).


Despite criticisms, the mayor, recognising the need to operate according to current financial resources, has rejected the use of sandstone paving in favour of asphalt and painted concrete for the project.

Nevertheless, the PSM Majorcan socialists at the town hall has criticised the fact that budgetary constraints will limit the quality of the project and has demanded that it be undertaken in phases in order that more resources can be devoted to it. It has also asked that the project be set out before the public during the current fiestas in Puerto Pollensa in order to gain the broadest possible consensus of opinion.