Newsdesk IT'S going to be a busy weekend at Palma airport -- again. A total of 344'800 passengers will pass through the facilities at Son Sant Joan, a figure representing an increase of 3.36 percent up on the same period last year (11'196 more people).

The Spanish Airports Authority (AENA) confirmed yesterday that between today and tomorrow, 2'600 aircraft takeoffs and landings will be monitored in Palma, 4.17 percent more than in 2006 (104 more planes).

The busiest day will be today in terms of both passengers and aircraft. No less than 136'250 passengers and 970 aircraft are scheduled for handling at Son Sant Joan. Tomorrow is slightly less hectic with 111'500 passengers and 860 aircraft, whilst today's activity is also slightly less concentrated with 97'050 passengers and 770 aircraft.

Looking at the forecast for the whole week which includes today and the days leading up to (and encompassing) Thursday, 12th July, the total number of passengers which are due to travel through Palma during this period amounts to 687'150, a figure reflecting a 3.80 percent increase more than those registered for the same period in 2006 (25'140 more people).

In terms of aircraft, Palma airport will handle 5'290 planes over the next seven days, 3.32 percent (170) more than last year.