THE first results of the autopsies on Ligia G, and her daughters Samanta and Carolina, have failed to determine if the mother committed suicide or was murdered. As reported in yesterday's Bulletin, the three bodies were found in their home on Friday afternoon, by the woman's companion, a semi-retired policeman, Pablo R. He has been helping the police with their inquiries, and the police are now checking his alibi.
The autopsies were performed yesterday morning and the report says that the death of the mother could have been “homicide or suicide.” The time of the deaths was set as late on Thursday night or early on Friday morning. The two girls were shot in the chest. The mother was also shot in the chest, the bullet hitting her heart. The report said that the three deaths occurred within seconds, or within a very few minutes of each other at the maximum. According to sources, a pillow was used to deaden the sound of the shots, and the weapon was a standard issue police pistol belonging to Pablo R.
Each of the bodies was found in a different room. The two girls were wearing summer nightclothes, their mother was wearing street clothes. The pistol and the pillow were beside her. It is believed that the two children died instantly and were asleep. Samples from the bodies will be sent to the Peninsula for further analysis.
The bodies were found by Pablo R at around 2pm, and he called a friend in the police force.
He told detectives that he had spent the night in a house he has in Ruberts (Sencelles) with two of his children from his second marriage, who normally live in Murcia with their mother. He said that on his return to Palma he went straight to his car wash business and did not go home until lunch time.
The police obtained a search warrant and have been inspecting the house in Ruberts.
Although the results of the investigation have not been made known, unofficial sources say that no evidence against Pablo R has been found.
He has maintained his innocence from the start.
The family had moved into the flat in Calle Morla, Palma, just a few weeks ago, but Pablo R was well known in the area because of his car wash business.