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THE reserve of electrical power in the Majorca-Minorca grid with regard to the consumption expected this Summer is 30 percent.
In fact, the Majorca Minorca system will have a net capacity (discounting the consumption for the generation of electricity) of 1'442.1 megawatts, including the power generated by the steam turbine which will be installed in the Cas Tresorer power station this month.

Gesa Endesa has forecast a demand of 1'104.9 megawatts this Summer, which means that the power being generated will be 30 percent higher than the demand.

The Ibiza Formentera electrical system is capable of generating 248.6 megawatts and the forecast demand is for 209.5, so the reserve margin is 18.6 percent.

The highest demand ever for the Majorca Minorca electrical system was recorded last year (on July 28) when demand reached 1'040 megawatts. If this happens again, which will be another record, the system will still have a reserve of 6.2 percent.

In the case of the Ibiza Formentera system, its highest ever demand, of 193.8 megawatts, was also recorded last year, on August 3. If the expected demand is reached this Summer, the increase would be 8.1 percent.

The growth in consumption in both systems has been spectacular.
Just five years ago, in 2002, the maximum demand was for 769 megawatts in the Majorca Minorca system, and 142 megawatts in the Ibiza Formentera system.

This means that between 2002 and 2006 the demand in the Majorca Minorca system has grown by 35.2 percent, and by 36.4 percent in the Ibiza Formentera system. This could increase again this Summer.

Now there is no need for a heatwave to register a record demand. The proliferation of air conditioning equipment and other domestic appliances means that the demand escalates with just a small rise in temperatures. And in 2004 there was a record demand in the middle of Winter, although this was exceeded the following Summer.

However, Gesa Endesa say that having a sufficient electrical reserve should not be taken by the consumers as “carte blanche” for electrical demand, there are limits. The company is continuing to promote energy saving and efficiency because, if people think there is no limit, the reserve could become insufficient.

Meanwhile, preparations are continuing at Cas Tresorer for the installation of the third turbine.


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